BiMax Control Unit

The BiMax Control Unit raises security up another notch. It protects administrators and security staffs from negligence, misuse or liability claims. Note: The BiMax Control Unit is manufactured by SafePlace. Unlike third-party devices, it cannot be re-programmed to defeat its intended use or manipulate any of the audit trail report records.

What makes the BiMax unique?

  • Each unit is factory encrypted for the specific facility so it will not function elsewhere.
  • Override operation requires a personal password and a master "smart key". OPTION: BiMax Control Unit can be ordered with cutting edge fingerprint identification technology.
  • Each BiMax operation is recorded by user I.D., date/time, and room number.
  • In case of loss, theft, or staff turnover, user passwords and the master "smart key" can be reprogrammed instantly

What does the Audit System include?

  • Two reports: the Safe Audit report and the BiMax Control Unit report
  • The reports show the last 120 safe operations and the last 160 BiMax Control unit operations.
  • Fields include: room number, type of operation, personal I.D., date and time of each operation.
  • Audit report can be printed or filed on a computer.
  • The reports are immune to power failure and cannot be erased.
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